Common Issues in Curtain Cleaning

Curtains cannot be cleaned at home - Specialized machines required

Curtains cannot by local dry cleaners or a dhobi Lack of expertised

Shrinkage - First wash will undergo 10-15% shrinkage

Colour bleeding - Two different types of fabric has to washed separately

Burns and damages - Drying is the key, expert handling required

Why choose LaundroKart?

State of the art hydrocarbon machines for cleaning curtains

Expert handling by trained professionals

Co-ordination with your curtain dealer for free re-stitching

Re-stitching service for a small added charge

Un-istallation & Re-installation service for a small charge

Curtain Care by LaundroKart


Dry vacuuming removes the bulk of loose dirt and dust


We use a standard Diversey Kit for spot removal


Cotton and cotton mix fabric curtains are washed in cold water to avoid shrinkage. Silk and wool fabric curtains are washed in hydrocarbon solvents


Lighter fabrics curtains are dried in the dryer if made from a material that do not shrink. If the fabric is subject to shrinkage, we implement line drying


A standard steam press is used for pressing, some fabrics are more prone to wrinkles than others. Such fabrics are put to a hot plate or roll polished

Link Removal

Certain fabrics tend to attract lint, a lint remover is used to remove the lint


Curtains are subject to heavy dust and oil absorption, deodorizing sprays work instantly to give your fabrics a clean and pleasant fragrance

We are experts at cleaning all type of curtains!

Hanging Types: Fabric Types: Pleat Types:
Curtains Silk Box
Drapes Cotton Rod
Shades Rayon Pinch
Blinds Polyester Tailored
Any other Mixed Eyelet


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